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Many write me from all over the world with the same question…How can I be so open about having HIV? How did I get the courage to be so open? How can they get to where I am? My response is always the same: I have NO SHAME! There is nothing wrong with having HIV!
This is a condition like any other; we have much STIGMA around this condition because of sex! But guess what, WE ARE ALL SEXUAL BEINGS and if you had sex without a condom once, married or not, gay or straight, RELIGION OR NO RELIGION. No matter what your race or social economic status is ANYONE IS AT RISK OF HAVING HIV!!!
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Increase the accuracy of knowledge which youth may have on sexual and reproductive health issues, hotline: +233(0) 302 208 585.
Educated Kayayie girls (head potter) at lorry and market places on HIV and AIDS and SRHR issues as part of a project organized by Pamela Bridge Water foundation for Kayayie girls.